• Our know how

    Complex machined parts and sub-assemblies supply.

  • Our application fields :

    Structural, landing gear and engines parts.

  • Our target :

    Flexibility, delivery performance and customer’s satisfaction.



Provides you complete solution either for your series and spares parts: engineering, design and supply of complete sub assemblies.

CAROMAR is specialized in precision machining (mainly 5 axis), sheet metal work, assembling, tooling and spare management. From unitary production to high series.

CAROMAR, with its engineering department, can take in charge complete works packages, from prototyping to the delivery of complete sub assemblies (everything included). Moreover a raw material purchasing platform has been created in order to offer a complete service to its customers.

The group is specialised on different sectors: Aeronautics, armament, defence, automotive, and medical.

CAROMAR is certified ISO 9001 and EN 9100, also an NATO code (NCAGE FAT 77) to enable the company to work on defence government industry.

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